Dairy Farm CleaningCowshed Cleaning

Are you a hard-working Dairy Farmer? Do you need your dairy shed cleaned and don’t have time due to other duties on the farm that needs your attention, Then contact Wash Rite for a free quote? We offer professional dairy farm and cowshed cleaning services and can even offer payment terms which means you can pay it off over the year to help your cash flow. The team at Wash Rite can even clean your dairy shed between milking’s to prevent any loss of productivity or at the end of the season during the shutdown. Our highly trained staff are also able to wash all farm building, feed pads, machines and equipment as well.

Wash Rite can get your Dairy shed looking like new regardless where in New Zealand you are farming, We have a local Wash Rite franchise who can wash your shed for you, With Franchises in Whangarei, Thames-Coromandel, Hamilton, Wellington, Ashburton and Greymouth on the west coast.