WashRite Deck & Fence Cleaning

Outdoor wood surfaces are constantly being affected by the elements of mother nature. Eventually, they will build up dirt, stains, and algae and look terrible, Wash Rite are able to come and clean your deck or fence and get it looking like new, We can even stain the fence and deck for you once its clean.

In New Zealand we love nothing more than sitting out on our deck having a BBQ with friends and family so if your deck is getting slippery, turning green or just does not look as good as it once did these are all signs you should call Wash Rite for a free quote to get your deck cleaned so you can enjoy it for your next BBQ.
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How Do We Clean Your Deck?

Your Wash Rite technician will treat your timber deck with a proprietary soap mixed designed and only used by Wash Rite to kill all organic growth and will break down the mould and algae growth within the timber fibres.

This soap mixed will be allowed to dwell on the timber for up to 20 minutes. Once the soap mix has done the job we thoroughly rinse of the deck to reveal a clean deck.  The final step in cleaning and restoring your deck is applying a wood brighter treatment to the deck to bring back the like new brightness to the timber.

  What To Expect From Our Service?

When you have your deck or fence cleaned by Wash Rite you will have a clean, brighter deck or fence that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come, When we have finished your deck and fences are ready to be stained or oiled in any colour you desire. Speak to your local Wash Rite manager for a free quote to stain or oil your decks and fences.

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