Roof Cleaning & Washing
Want to kill the moss, mould, lichen and bacteria from the roof and have it looking as good as new. Our advice is to do it the Rite way the Wash Rite way. We can deal with the nasty’s that love to grow on your roof with a single treatment that will last up to 18 months. Our roof treatment extends the life of your paint whether it is a new paint job or an old one in bad condition. We are also able to wash and treat your roof in most cases without walking on your roof which will prevent damage to your roof.

If your roof is covered in moss, mould and lichen there is no need to replace your roof, give Wash Rite a call on 0800101216 and one of our friendly staff will come out and provide a free quote and free advice and in almost all occasion’s we can simply treat your roof and in a few months you will see a massive change in the condition of your roof. We are also able to provide a maintenance spraying service where we will come and treat your roof every 12 months, this will kill the moss and mould spores before their visual and before they start to damage your roof.

Most people are not aware of the structural damage moss, mould and lichen can do to your roof, Left untreated it will start to degrade your roof due to the caustic nature of mould spores and the moss and mould will cause excess water absorption to concrete and clay tile roofs which will degrade them faster and will require a new roof up to 10 years earlier than if it was treated. Plus excess moisture inside your roof will cause premature rotting of your timber frame and mould to grow in your roof space.

Roof Washing Vs Roof Treatments

The main difference between a Moss and Mould roof treatment and a Roof Wash is a moss and mould roof treatment will take up to 3 to 4 months to get your roof clean after the treatment has been applied as once it kills the moss and mould it is dependent on the wind and the rain to wash away the decaying moss and mould but is a much more gentle on your roof and in most cases does not need anyone to walk on your roof and in most cases is cheaper.

A roof wash consists of Wash Rite staff members harnessed on your roof washing it and your roof is clean that same day. A roof Wash is a more labour-intensive process so is more expensive. But feel free to call the Wash Rite team on 0800101216 for a free quote.

Wash Rite can get your roof looking like new regardless where in New Zealand you live, We have a local Wash Rite franchise who can service your roof, With Franchises in Whangarei, Thames-Coromandel, Hamilton, Wellington, Ashburton and Greymouth servicing the West Coast region.

Example of what a roof treatment can do 6 months post treatment.

Roof Cleaning & Washing Before & After.